What is Frans Hike?

Who are we?

We are four people from Syria now living in Europe. We want to share Frans’s mission because of the extraordinary experience we lived with him. Through Frans’s hike in Syria we found a way to truly integrate with our own people. This experience was vital in becoming who we are now. Here we are from left to right:  Rasha Youssef (UK),Rabee Khuzam, Magui Alahmar and  Issa Kardouh (Germany-Berlin)  .


Who was Fr. Frans van der Lught j.s?

“At the end of every hike… We notice that there is no one not loved”. (Father Frans Van der Lugt)

Fr. Frans was a Jesuit priest. He lived in Syria for around 40 years. During his stay in Syria he initiated many activities, one of them was the hike “Al Maseer”, which started in Syria in the beginning of 80s. The hike gathered Syrian people from all the different religions, ages and regions. And many Europeans and people from other parts of the world joined this journey. The aim of this hike was to raise social awareness, to live together with others, and to raise environmental awareness.
Fr. Frans’s ministry in Syria changed the lives of many people, through introducing them to a new way of life. He remained faithful to the Syrian people right up to his assassination in the Jesuit convent in Homs in 2014.




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We walk for peace and reconciliation… we walk to bring people together beyond all differences.

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